How To Use

1. Wash hair using a clarifying shampoo or a shampoo that does not contain conditioner.
2. Towel dry the hair.
3. Apply HairTox® 60 Day Smoothing Treatment coating hair from root to tip.
4. Comb through to ensure complete coverage.
5. Leave treatment in hair for 45 minutes to 1 hour, allowing hair to air dry.
6. Use a plastic shower cap to avoid transferring product on to clothing. (Do not activate treatment with heat)
7. Rinse out with cool or tepid water.
8. Do not shampoo, apply conditioners or styling products.
9. Lightly towel dry hair then blow dry using cool setting until hair is 80% dry.
10. Section the hair and flat iron between 400° F to 450° F, depending on hair thickness.
11. For thin or fine hair, pass flat iron 1 time per section. For coarse, thick or unruly hair, pass flat iron 2 to 3 times per section. Do not exceed 3 passes.*
12. Hair can be washed after the treatment if necessary. For best results wait a minimum of 48 hours.
* If hair is fragile, over-processed or very damaged, a lower heat setting is recommended.
Cautions: Stop use immediately if irritation occurs. Avoid contact with the eyes.